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We are a local Cycling and Active wear manufacturing business. We also design and manufacture customised items for companies, clubs, schools, groups of friends etc. We are based in Pretoria, Gauteng and online. We also ship orders nation wide.

For a short summary about how we came to be, read our story below.

For more information on a few topics, click below.

Story of Salt
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Hi there! My name is Simoné, and I started this business in 2021. Let me tell you a little bit about how it all happened…

I studied BCom Accounting and Honours at The University of Pretoria and completed my Articles and SAICA Board Exams through Deloitte in 2020. I started cycling in my last year of articles and realised throughout the last few months of my articles journey that “corporate life” was not really my thing. I did however learn A LOT, and am absolutely grateful for the experience and business knowledge that I acquired throughout the years. I, however, was rather interested in doing something different, something more creative, and being my own boss! As my passion for cycling started growing during my 3rd year at Deloitte, I had the idea of starting a Cycling brand, which could incorporate my love for cycling, business, and creativity all in one!

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In January 2021 it all started; I bought my own laptop and started researching how this “being my own boss” thing is going to work! The name “Salt” is inspired by Matthew 5:13 which reads “You are the salt of the earth…”. God is my rock and the best CEO and business partner I could ask for!

In the beginning everything was outsourced, from printing to manufacturing. In 2022 I came across Sophy (seamstress) through one of my friends. She used to work as their cleaning lady – you can read her story below. She started coming once a week for  training on the sewing machines I had just bought prior to meeting her, and in April 2023 she became our first permanent employee. Since then, we grew, we learnt a lot and now we are up on our own feet, ready for more growth, opportunities and new adventures! 

We are proud to say that 99% of our suppliers, fabrics and consumables used within the business are locally sourced. We strive to grow the local economy, even if we are only a small part of it, to support our suppliers and create jobs for fellow South Africans. Being able to support local families by providing training and job opportunities is such a privilege and is making a big difference in their lives as well.

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As a part of the brand, and loving riding myself, we established a Cycling Club soon after starting the business. After many casual weekend rides with my friends, we realised that many people were riding alone and were yearning for some good company while on their bikes. More people started joining us, inviting their friends along as well, and the Salt Club was born. Today, we are a bunch of great people, meeting up every weekend and enjoying our cycling adventures together. 

The Salt Club is also where I met my best friend in 2022 – Stephan. We fell in love cycling together and got married 6 months later. He plays such an important role in my life and business - helping with advice, designs, setting up workshops and being the best supporter, number 1 fan, and favourite riding partner I could ask for!

Today we are striving to improve in every area, learn more, grow more, and enjoying every day and every opportunity that comes our way!

For a short snippet of Sophy's story and how she arrived at Salt – read below.

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My name is Sophy Zanele. I was born in Vlaklaagte, Mpumalanga, and have 4 beautiful children and a great husband.

I fell in love with sewing when I was just a little girl, always working with my hands and stitching fashionable items for my play dolls with needles and thread. After my matric year I could not afford to go to school. My mother was a single parent and was working as a cleaning lady so she could also not help with finances. I then decided to make a plan to make some money to pay for myself to go to school. I started weaving grass mats and sold them for money to go to sewing school. I attended the sewing school for about a year and finished with my certificate.

After I finished sewing school I prayed for a sewing job. It was difficult to find jobs, so I started working day to day jobs as

sophy profile.jpg

a cleaning lady. After working for many years, I bought myself a domestic sewing machine to keep myself busy at home.

A few years ago, I started working for a lady, one of Simoné's friends. After a year of working for her, she had to move and I was left without a job, however she knew that I loved sewing, and she also knew Simoné was looking for a seamstress. I went for an interview with Simoné and started with training in 2022. Simoné continued to teach me more and more things on various industrial machines that I have never used before. Today, I am a good seamstress and proud of my work, and proud of my teacher too!

- We are the salt of the earth and light of Christ to this world. -

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We are passionate about people and helping others in our surrounding areas to have a better life and experiencing God's love through what we do.


We donate 10% of  our profit to others in need, and we do this through partnering with Organisations that have structures in place to ensure the funding reaches those who need it most.

We are grateful for the abundance we have and believe that sharing that with the community around us is a blessing and an opportunity to show God's love to others.

"Now He who provides seed for the sower and bread for food will provide and multiply your seed for sowing (that is, your resources) and increase the harvest of your righteousness (which shows itself in active goodness, kindness and love). You will be enriched in every way so that you may be generous, and this (generosity, administered) through us is producing thanksgiving to God (from those who benefit).

2 Corinthians 9:10-11

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